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These domains will be completed by May 1, 2015; We much prefer phone calls instead of email.

We do not take garment orders over the phone.

Please read our policy on phone calls & email in our home page & order form

We do not make contracts or promises over the phone; Everything you want must be stated clearly in writing-on the order form contract.

Our order form is not email capable; Send completed & signed order form to our P.O. Box address or street address or FAX it if it’s a rush order.

We do not accept credit cards, debit cards, Pay-Pall or Quick Pay

We don’t keep any garments or habits in stock

Everything we do is custom tailored to your specifics & measurements you must give clearly on the order form

You must read & carefully follow the entire order form, part 1 & 2 & fill it out clearly & completely without confusing or contradictory statements; Failure to do so may cause delays of days or weeks

To fill out our order form, we prefer that you use Adobe Acrobat  program or a typewriter; If you lack those, then please use a ball point pen, clearly & legibly