These domains will be completed by May 1, 2015; We much prefer phone calls instead of email.
We do not make contracts or promises over the phone; Everything you want must be stated clearly in writing-on the order form contract.
We do not take garment orders over the phone.
Please read our policy on phone calls & email in our home page & order form
Our order form is not email capable; Send completed & signed order form to our P.O. Box address or street address or FAX it if it’s a rush order.
We do not accept credit cards, debit cards, Paypal or Quick Pay
We don’t keep any garments or habits in stock
Everything we do is custom tailored to your specifics & measurements you must give clearly on the order form
You must read & carefully follow the entire order form, part 1 & 2 & fill it out clearly & completely without confusing or contradictory statements; Failure to do so may cause delays of days or weeks
To fill out our order form, we prefer that you use Adobe Acrobat  program or a typewriter; If you lack those, then please use a ball point pen, clearly & legibly